Painter Mallorca

Professional painting services in Mallorca – what is important?

Our painting services in Mallorca include painting, filling, wallpapering, glazing, coating and restoring walls, ceilings, facades, floors and more.
Our painters pay attention not only to the aesthetics, but also to the functionality of the work. In particular, we take into account the conditions of the property, for example, the surfaces such as walls and facades must be treated differently in properties by the sea than in drier areas in the interior of Mallorca.

Our painting work is only carried out with very high quality paints from the Caparol company, so that you have many years of great results. At Caparol the paint can be mixed exactly to your colour tone, we can also visit the Caparol shop directly in Palma de Mallorca with you to choose the ideal colour tone for all your rooms or facades. There are almost no colour limits and thanks to the colour mixing systems, any desired colour can be mixed again even years later.

If you wish, we can of course also take colours from you for the painting work or for painting the walls or façades. We also wallpaper your desired wallpaper, so that you not only get colour, but a modern touch to your property in Mallorca.

Painting and varnishing by our painters in Mallorca:

Painting work: usually the prepared surface is painted in two to three passes and always sanded a little in between. This avoids the appearance of uneven surfaces.
Glazing: we also glaze wooden doors or wooden window frames. This considerably improves the appearance of the natural material and protects it from the weather.
Of course, our painters also undertake other painting work such as plastering surfaces like facades and walls, and we paint windows and doors.

High humidity in Mallorca – protection of your walls and facades

In Mallorca, we also undertake surface treatment of facades or moisture protection in buildings, because damage caused by moisture can be prevented by structural measures.
We treat your walls and ceilings against mould or with mould protection, which there is a lot of due to the high humidity on Mallorca.
For this we use a special anti-mould agent. Afterwards, anti-mould paint is applied in addition to the anti-mould agent.

Without the right pre-treatment, mould should never simply be painted over. Basically, it is important to fight the causes of harmful mould instead of just hiding it visually. Here we check where the dampness is coming from and whether there are any structural defects. Avoid treating the stains with well-known household remedies such as vinegar or citric acid.

We usually quote for the cost of the painting work. For very small jobs we can also work on an hourly basis. We do not have fixed prices per m², as it always depends on the circumstances and the condition.
A fresh coat of paint will give your flat or house in Mallorca a whole new look – feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you and provide you with a non-binding quote.